IANNUA: ¿quiénes somos?

IANNUA: Who are we?

Take care of your skin, enjoy a moment to relax, and discover new sensory experiences with our high-quality cosmetic products.

Welcome to IANNUA. We are a brand specialised in creating top quality neurocosmetics. Our formulas are enriched with Cannabidiol (CBD) extracted exclusively from Swiss hemp plants grown with EU-certified seeds. 

Our products are free of any psychoactive constituents. We want to guarantee the quality and efficacy of our formulas, to contribute to the wellbeing of your skin in connection with your mind. This way, you can be confident in your routine.

Neurocosmetics is part of our DNA. With our high-end cosmetic products, we improve your wellbeing through your skin. To do this, we have innovated while formulating our products, incorporating natural active ingredients to provide you with maximum quality and efficacy.


Improving your self-perception and care

At IANNUA we are committed to natural beauty. We focus on understanding the true needs of each skin type. Not all skin is the same: each treatment and ritual is designed specifically for you. This is how we promote holistic care and healthy aging, which is one of our main goals.

Our high-end cosmetics follow the Smart Aging philosophy. We firmly believe in the importance of dedicating the necessary time to your care routine to combat today's frenetic lifestyle. We want to guide you, helping you carve out moments to enjoy yourself. For this reason, we’ve created routines inspired by the power of neurocosmetics, to fully engage the senses through the connection between skin and mind. 


The importance of physical and mental health

The nerve endings of the epidermis make up our neurosensory system. This system is responsible for interpreting and expressing our emotions, as it is through this unique system that the skin can perceive changes. That is why it is so important to choose the right products and understand their benefits. 

Our high-end cosmetic formulas, upon interacting with the nervous system, provide us with anti-stress benefits and boost our sense of wellbeing through the skin. This is possible thanks to neurocosmetics.


Environmentally conscious and ethical

And what sense would it make to take care of people and not the planet? At IANNUA we respect both your health and the health of animals. Our high-quality cosmetic products are cruelty-free, meaning they are not tested on animals. 

We are proud to grow hemp sustainably and contribute as much as possible to the care of our planet. Did you know that hemp plantations help to combat climate change? The cultivation of hemp is permitted, supported and subsidised by the European Union. 

Hemp also provides a habitat for many species, as its plantations are highly resistant to pests. Finally, it is worth noting that each tonne of the plant can eliminate up to 1.63 tonnes of carbon dioxide, four times more than trees.