¿Cómo cuidar la piel seca?

How to care for dry skin?

Tight and itchy skin is common and a clear symptom of dry skin. Dryness occurs when the skin loses a large amount of water and oil. It is a very common condition, and can affect people of all ages. 

The use of quality products helps to take care of our skin, keeping it firm and beautiful. However, we mustn’t forget that good habits such as drinking enough water, practising sport and eating a healthy diet are also important for the wellbeing for our skin. In addition, we must be prepared to manage situations that can dry out the skin. Following a good treatment plan for dry skin is key to keeping it as healthy as possible, and preventing dryness from becoming chronic.


What are the causes and symptoms of dry skin?

The most common causes of dry skin are related to climate. Generally, in cold seasons, low temperatures affect the skin. When in contact with dry, cold air, the skin cracks easily.

Many times, when we get home after being outdoors, the first thing we do is to take a hot bath or shower to get rid of chills. Without meaning to, this common habit can dry out our skin. To prevent this, it is advisable to use warm water to avoid such a big change in temperature. In addition, cooler water can improve your circulation.  

However, it is not only winter that has a negative effect on our skin, in summer we can also suffer the consequences of sudden changes in temperature. Air conditioning dries out our skin and makes it less elastic, as it removes moisture from the air. When you go outside, upon contact with the summer heat, skin can become tighter. Treating dry skin can prevent this problem from persisting and worsening. 

Other causes of dry skin may be due to skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, specific medications or aging. In some more severe cases, dry skin can become a chronic condition, and it is therefore essential to always give your skin the best care possible.  


Tips and habits to avoid dry skin

If you want to stop dry skin, you should avoid using astringent products in the first place. Likewise, avoid frequent rubbing or scratching. In addition, ensuring that your home is humidified can help improve your complexion.

Finally, to properly hydrate your face, it is vital to have a treatment specifically indicated for dry skin, such as IANNUA's Skin Help Ritual, which will help you to reduce feelings of tightness and discomfort in a way that is both delicate and effective.