Form of use 02

  • Use the Multifunction Eye Contour day and night .
  • Before applying it, properly cleanse and prepare the skin of your face following the IANNUA Essential Clean ritual.
  • Doses an amount similar to a grain of rice of the product for each eye.
  • Distribute and apply this amount using three dots of product in the upper part of the eye and three in the lower part, on the bone and up to the outer edge of the eye contour.
  • Make small touches around the eye contour, from the inside out, until it is evenly distributed.
  • Pay special attention to the inner part of the eyes and slightly tense the crow's feet with the middle finger of the other hand.
  • Apply gentle draining pressure under the eyes and brows with your middle finger. Finally, apply relaxing pressure between the eyebrows and above the eyebrows.
  • Continue with your facial care routine to boost results.
# Professional tip: Take advantage of the residual product that has remained on your fingers to apply it to the contour of the lips and treat the expression wrinkles in this area of ​​your face.