La importancia de una buena rutina de limpieza facial

The importance of the right daily facial cleansing routine

To maintain a healthy and beautiful complexion, it is important to be consistent on a daily basis and, above all, to keep in mind that cleansing is an essential step to optimise the results of our skincare ritual. Our skin is exposed every day to many changes in temperature, and external agents such as pollution and dirt particles that stick to it. 

A good daily facial cleansing routine is vital to remove dead skin cells, rid impurities and maintain the skin's natural glow. Therefore, not having good facial cleansing habits might accelerate the process of premature skin aging.

What does a daily facial cleansing routine consist of, and how can it help you


The first step to optimal results

We have the misconception that if we don't wear make-up, we don't need to cleanse our skin. Even if we do not wear make-up, during the night, the skin's natural regeneration processes cause impurities and clogged pores that can lead to imbalances in the lipid barrier, generating imperfections.

Good facial cleansing habits do not mean simply removing make-up and washing your face with soap. Products used should be in the correct order and be of high quality. If you don't carry out your routine correctly, you may not get the desired results. 

With this in mind, it is advisable to have performed proper facial cleansing before applying other treatment products, to prep the skin for maximum absorption. Do you want to know how?


Our cleansing ritual: Essential Clean

Personal care is important for our physical and mental wellbeing. So, to ensure that the treatment products we use on our skin are absorbed correctly, we must first remove built-up impurities. The IANNUA Essential Clean ritual is suitable for all skin types, and consists of double cleansing and applying a toner. With these three steps you’ll have your skin clean and ready for the application of any subsequent product. We explain everything here in more detail:

  1. Lait demaquillant. This first step is key. The cleansing milk will help you get rid of dirt and excess oil. It cleanses and removes make-up while respecting the balance of your skin, and allows you cleanse more sensitive areas of the face such as lips and eyes, without causing irritation.
  2. Gel Nettoyantl. This water-based product minimises pores while removing deep-seated dirt and debris left behind by the cleansing milk.
  3. Tonique. This last step prepares the skin to more readily absorb the active ingredients of your creams and treatment products. It purifies, hydrates and refreshes, leaving your skin perfectly cleansed.

The IANNUA Essential Clean ritual guarantees optimal skin prep and complete daily facial cleansing.